Advent Calendar House – DIY TP roll

I came across this Advent Calendar idea and really liked it. I prefer a bit more color, so i’m currently working on my own version, it’s easy & fun! I picked up some Christmas themed wrapping paper at IKEA and started today. In the picture you can see my progress: the roof is done and so are some of the toilet paper rolls!


Ps. The calendar will be filled with Sinterklaas (Dutch celebration) and Christmas activities, for inspiration check out this “ultimate list”!

Ps. Ps. Here you can see the final result, in my post: “Advent Calendar DIY TP Roll finished!” :)

Photography – a collection of the past :)

So, making sure to remember, a small collection of my photography – a collection of the past. Loved browsing through my old back-upped sites and photo’s. All photo’s are made somewhere between 2000-2006, with either my analog Nikon F100 or my first digital Nikon D70 and 1 lomography in there too!

This sure inspires me to start tagging and uploading my iPhone pictures too :)

6 cute animal games you need to play (with your kid)

Games help parent-child bonding

In a series of blogposts, I’m sharing recommendations for genres that may change the way you see gaming. We’re talking about why and how gaming enhances bonding with your kids, together with how to play further offline. Part 1 was all about getting creative in the kitchen, part 2 was all about crafts. If you missed those, make sure you catch up!
In this episode I’ll show you 6 cute animal games, all using different types of gameplay, which you won’t be able to resist.
 – this is a blogpost I’ve written originally for Spil Games –  (meer…)

Monument Valley – get that game now!

If you buy 1 game this year, please let it be Monument Valley. A truly amazing little game, it’s made so pretty, perfect and it just overjoys the player with it’s smart levels and great creations. Don’t complain about the price, it’s less than your Starbucks Latte!

For you fellow game designers and producers out there, please read the blog too, it’s so nice to read the fresh approach without going into hardcore f2p payment grinding loops.

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